#252:After Work TV & One Piece Live Action!

THis episode's all about Cybertruck Dunkin' & Turtle Suckin'. Also, we draw & quarter Sean live on this episode, Radish is the first podcast to ever do this.

Also also, is Adult Swim doing nostalgia right? Did Netflix's One Piece break the live action curse? What is a micron? Answer us our riddles three, and we will give a prize unto thee.

Episode Topics- One Piece Live Action, Checkered Past, 2005 Cartoon Network, Kinokuniya, Cybertrucks, Frasier Reboot, Oppenheimer, Jujutsu Kaisen

#251:Murder Cheese & The Coin Boys!

If you are related to the 74 year-old Italian man who was crushed to death by parmesan cheese, you might want to skip this one.

We got another episode of Radish coming in hot over the plate at ya!

This week Tyler revisited Omega Mart in Las Vegas, Sean gives his songs of the summer countdown, and Will recounts the ballad of the Coin Boys.

Truly something for everyone except, and I cannot stress that enough, the family of that Italian man. I'm truly sorry.

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#250:Summer Break's Over!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Radish! It's been a month since our last chat, and we're ready to dive into some wild and unexpected topics.

First up, we're tackling the question that's been on everyone's minds: Have we finally discovered extraterrestrial life? We'll be discussing the recent news, the implications, and of course, whether they have a taste for spicy margaritas.

Then, get ready to sink your teeth into some pop culture goodness. We've got a deep-dive into the manga series Zom 100, where we'll explore the undead world and discuss whether being a zombie might have some unexpected perks.

Ever wondered what it's like to be part of the justice system? We'll be talking about the show Jury Duty, where average folks become the deciders of fate. And speaking of fate, we'll also be reviewing the horror movie Talk To Me, where a cursed phone call takes you to places you'd never expect.

And finally, we'll be delving into the phenomenon that's taking social media by storm: Barbenheimer. From viral videos to hilarious memes, we'll try to decode the mystery behind this internet sensation.

So sit back, relax, and join us for a rollercoaster of topics that's sure to leave you entertained and informed. This is Radish, and we're thrilled to be back with another fantastic episode!

...man this AI stuff really needs work

#249:Radish Isekai & Ghost Tour Factoids!

This isn't a new episode- Tyler, Sean, and Will passed in that horrible conga line accident in 2021. Its ok, you can move on now.

If this were a new episode of Radish, the topics include- Threads, Suicide Squad Isekai, The Bear, Claim to Fame, Deathloop, Pompeii Pizza Painting, Peachtree Road Race Fails

#248:Wife Guys & Cart Narcs!

We're back with another spine-tingling thrill ride of an episode! Beat the summer heat with your least favorite podcasters talking about climbing the wife guy ladder, Big Bird narrowly avoiding death, celebrities on "Mars", and Sean hunting cyclists for sport!

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Also remember to floss!!

#247:Nanas Who Are Bad & Grimace's Birthday!

This week's episode is the only source on Baby Gronk you need. Forget The Daily. Barbaro won't have any of that, but here at Radish, we will. We'll also get into Bulgarian celebs, flying cars, shady mountaineers, piss, music, The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Pickleball, and what kind of summer this is gonna be. It's up to us! Trust us, the rizz king usurpers.

#246:Scottsdale Easter Suit & the Volunteer Cop Bee Attack!

We're slam packed this episode, folks! We're chatting Taco Bell car bombs, volunteer cop bee attacks, CouchGate, new anime (Heavenly Delusion & Oshi No Ko), Legend of Zalda, a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine for sauces, and mainlining Crystal (Light)!

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#245:Martha's Vineyard & The Piss Silencer!

Another week, another Radish, unfortunately! We're back this week with America's Sweetheart, Will at the helm to talk about Martha Stewart bandwagoners, the best scientist the ole west has ever seen, how quickly you'd like to pee, and the worst book sean has read since A Million Little Pieces. Let's get it!

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We love you!!

#244:Another Radish Morning With J. Fred Muggs & Seeds!

Welcome to "Good Morning Radish," your one-stop-shop for all the latest news and entertainment. On today's episode, we're talking about spicy margaritas, the movie based on the hit game Dungeons & Dragons, Picross, the beloved TV anchor J. Fred Muggs, and all things grains.

First up, our resident mixologist Sean will show us how to make the perfect spicy margarita to kick off your day. Then, we'll take a deep dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and talk about the highly anticipated movie adaptation, Honor Among Thieves.

In our next segment, we'll challenge our viewers to a game of Picross and see who can solve the puzzle the fastest. And don't forget to stick around for our tribute to J. Fred Muggs, the famous TV monkey who stole our hearts.

Finally, we'll close out the show with a discussion on all things grains, from wheat to barley and everything in between. And as always, we'll end with our AI-generated segment, where our machine overlords give us their hot takes on the latest trends.

So grab your coffee and settle in, because it's time for "Good Morning Radish"!

Thanks to artificial intelligence for sort of nailing the description!

#243:Sean Fudge Factory vs. the Nephilim!

Are YOU prepared for when the Nephilim come up from their caves? We sure aren't! This ep the Radish boys prepare to fight against biblical giants, talk with little ghost boys on the baseball field, don lizard eyes, and design a restaurant that actually looks like a cheesecake factory-

Topics Include: CakeGate 2023, LA Philharmonic Incident, Arizona Lacrosse Player's Lizard Eye, Resident Evil 4, Chimp Empire, Wendigoon, the Nephilim

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