#231:Ghostwatch & Mass Media Hoaxes!

Welcome to the Audio Podcast Portion of Radish. This week, we welcome you to listen in (because that's all you're allowed to do at this level) to hear us discuss: Trigun Stampede! Vulfpeck's newest album! And spooky BBC programming! You're also entitled to us plot our own mass media hoaxes and a bonus Grimace discussion. If you'd like to upgrade your Radish Level, please proceed to our discord or twitch and harass us there. We will be sure to get back to you with a well thought out response within the next 2 to 3 years.


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Uncut Grims & Quantum Mechanics!

I think if you had to plot the intellectual high point and low point of our podcast that we've done for 5 years now, this episode would contain both points.

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Hot Patty & Knives Out Fan Casting!

Hey hey, its 2023 and Radish is back! Ronda if you're reading this, I'm sorry, I was a fool, please let me back in the house. This week we're inducting 2 new burglars into Radish's Thieves Guild, we're listing our called shots for 2023, and fan casting the next Knives Out film! Ronda I'm sorry I called your sister those names, please answer your phone. We're also chatting about the new Avatar movie & anime darling Bocchi the Rock! Ronda I'm sick, I'm sick, please I love you Ronda.

Topics Include: Avatar: The Way of Water, Knives Out 2, Bocchi the Rock, Gumball Gangster, Chiefsaholic, 2023 Called Shots sponsored by Omaha Steaks

The 2022 Raddie Awards! (The Rear Half)

Oh snap yall the last half the Raddies is here!! Last week we did all the prestigious awards so now we're talking vidya games and anime, real FYE hours over at Radish HQ. We also read out some shoutouts from listeners like you (thank you!) from our Discord. You can join that discord at indiesaurus.com/discord

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The 2022 Raddie Awards! (Part One)

It's that time of year once again everyone!

This week, we bring you Part One of the Fifth Annual Raddies!

Join us as we cover our favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Albums of 2022!

Submit your own before Part Two next week at indiesaurus.com/discord for our listener submitted category!

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#226:Radish & The Best Palcast!

This one is truly a Jimmy Timmy Power Hour in podcast form. We're joined by Griffin & BJ of The Best Palcast to chat about Power Rangers, purchasing a literal pharmacy, and their favorite movies, video games, & tv shows from the past year! We also take a trip to the Radish tournament of champions, who wins- Scyther vs Krillin? Bobby Flay vs Guy Fieri? Kimbo Slice vs SCOTUS?

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#225:Big Bayou Doinks & "Weird" Al's Most Wanted

Some pop stars have had it too good for too long without their songs being parodied. This week, we're here to present the list to Mr. Yankovic himself for his consideration and yours!

Also, Glass Onion! Cunk On Earth! Weird! Single ribs! And much more!

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#224:Sheep Circles & The Birth of Grimer!

Some sheep in China have been walking in a perfect circle for nearly two weeks and that's not even in the top 5 most upsetting things in this episode.

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#223:Goose, Grandmas, & Garrett's Guesting!

This one's for the Nanas.

This week we've got friend of the show Garrett (from Kincaid & Dallas and The Cool Local Music Show!) to chat all things jammy, grammy, and Beautiful Zeppelin Canny.

Topics include: The future of human ancestry, Nanas, Banshees of Inisherin, Joe Pera Live!, Prince Daddy & The Hyena's newest album, and a whole introduction to the band Goose (plus too much more).

#222:WikiFeet Boys Club & Radish Wacky Races!

The Radish boys are back! We're talking about a lady who set a swarm of bees on the cops, an 'Elmer Fudd'-style solution to America's gun problems, and the freakiest freaks of history.

Topics Include: One Piece Film Red, Confess Fletch, Tarrare, The Toxic Lady, Wacky Races