#185:Pubic Domain & Winnie the Pooh v. Dracula!

New year, new properties fall into the public's grubby little hands to do with as they please. What will enter the Pubic Domain this year? Also we find the best way to instantly kill a Victorian Man.

TOPICS include: Jason Derulo Falcon Punch, Fart Jars, Don't Look Up, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Podcast the Ride, and the 2022 Radish Public Domain Film Project

#184:The 2021 Raddie Awards!

Okayyyyyyyyy lets go! Its everyone's favorite awards show, where the Hollywood elite competes for the greatest award of recognition- the Raddie! Join your three hosts as we give out awards for our favorite movie, tv show, video game, album, pop culture moment, and more! We're also revealing our favorite content creators, dudes that rocked, and freakiest freaks of 2021.

Thank you so much if you listened to our crazy podcast this year. We hope to be even more crazy next year!!! All our love to Kakyoin.

#183:Four Years & Lifetime v. Hallmark!

Ho ho ho! It kinda feels like Christmas but also doesn't really so nobody will fault you for not realizing this was the holiday special.

Also we've been doing this thing for FOUR YEARS now, so if you've ever listened to Radish since Dec. 2017, thank you. Also, why?

#182:Lego Knives & Christmas Shoes!

Episode Notes

Giddy up, listeners! Kick up your feet and enjoy this week's episode where we discuss LEGO drama, flaming tables, Jeremy Renner, and anime made for the socially inept. Then we brainstorm the next breakthrough Get Back style rock doc which we would want to see. Tyler's Tournament of Champions continues to heat up, so make sure you're keeping up and place your votes on our twitter!

Topics include: Lego ACS AT-AT, AEW Dynamite, Hawkeye, Komi Can't Communicate

#181:Pokemon Nuggets Version & Pokemon Tendies Version!

In which we are tasked to create our own pokemon and all invent the same one. Also a lady breastfed a cat if that's something you think you'd be into.


We turned ourselves into a horse podcast Morty, we're HORSE-RADISH! Horse news, horse show-and-tells, a game of H.O.R.S.E- we're all horse now, and forever more.

Topics Include: Horses, Dressage, Thoroughbreds, Police Horses, Jenny Nicholson, Jockeys, Icelandic Horses, Known Rider of Horses Adam Page, Wario

#179:Danger Duo & the Heat Death of the Universe!

The boys are back at the movies and have the only reviews you'll need for Eternals & Spencer! Also, Will is dead and we know who did it- but we'll never tell ;) Also also, Sean has to make a choice in which the lives of the entire universe are at stake!

Topics Include: Eternals, Spencer, Great British Bakeoff, Disney+ Day, Vinland Saga, Reality TV

Subscribe to our Twitch Channel (twitch.tv/radishpod) to catch our live show, Cat Boy Video Game Nights, and TikToxicated!

#178:Christian Minecraft & School Assemblies!

For $300 we will come to your child's school and teach them any lesson.

Find us on twitter @radishpod Watch the podcast LIVE on twitch over at twitch.tv/radishpod

and, as always, check out our network at indiesaurus.com

#177:Six Flags Character Breakfast & the Eternals Redux!

God, imagine a Six Flags Character Breakfast lolmao. Since everyone has decided that Eternals is going to be bad, the RadIsh boys rewrite the whole dang thing. We also wax poetic about Hanna-Barbera properties, Dune, Columbo, and the new Cowboy Bebop series.

Topics Include: Hanna-Barbera, Six Flags, Dune, Succession, Cowboy Bebop, Columbo, Eternals

#176:RadIsh Haunted Houses & Kingo!

RadIsh's Spooktober 2021 continues with further frights and astronomical delights! This week brings one of our most unhinged news segments yet before breaking into a one of our most varied Show & Tell segments yet!

Topics include: Charlie Daniels, Randy Jackson, Harambe, Michael Myers, Sweetango and his son Buff Kingo.

(may contain spoilers for Eternals but they can't be that serious, right? we can only hope)