#242:Dollar Hotdogs & The Journey East!

We're back!! Radish is back from hiatus and ready to put some sweet sonic pleasure in your ear holes. We got new segments, we got old segments, we got a news story about stealing money to start a private zoo. What more could you even ask for. Also Tyler and I went to Japan and it was fine.

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#241:Silver Alert & the Theme Song Game!

Hello friends! This episode we're talking about the new Danny Brown/JPEGmafia collaboration album Scaring the Hoes: Vol. 1, our favorite announcements from AnimeJapan, and play a classic Radish trivia game- The Theme Song Game. Listen along and see if you can guess any with us or I'm telling mom!

Topics Include: Scaring the Hoes: Volume 1, AnimeJapan, Persona 4, Columbo, Chiefsaholic, The Seoul Zebra

#240:Good Radish Morning

Start your morning off right with Good Radish Morning, your new favorite monthly morning show where we welcome the day with you and share our favorite fun DIY tips as well as the hottest celebrity gossip and the trendiest around the house tools!


#239:Nintendo Uncles & The Legend of the Zelda!

No, your headphones aren't broken, you're hearing a fourth voice! This week we are thrilled to be joined by our pal Brannon Hoff (@BRNHOFF) who is bravely playing every Zelda game ever made without taking any breaks or sleeping.

Listen as we discover the world's least convenient way to get popcorn, plan Tyler's crow funeral, and play a few rounds of GameFAQ or GameCRAQ to see if that kid on the playground was lying to you.

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#238:The Tin Foil Hat Society & the Yucatan Elf!

Everybody put your X-Files posters up & your tin foil hats on, because the government is NOT gonna like what we have to say about recent developments in the stories of the giant Japanese metal sphere & the Mexican President's claims about a picture of an elf in a tree being real. The truth is out there!

We also talk about some great manga- One Piece & Gokurakugai, the explosion of cocaine hippos in Colombia, and some escaped swamp monkeys in St. Louis

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#237:r(A)d(I)sh & Cuzzles!

Welcome to Radish, the podcast where we talk about all things absurd and ridiculous! In today's episode, we're diving into the worlds of Fire Punch and Nier Automata, two of the weirdest and most mind-bending pieces of media out there. And of course, we can't forget about our favorite AI language model, ChatGPT - the one who keeps us on our toes with its unpredictable responses.

But before we get into all that, it's time for our favorite segment: AI Fails! That's right, we're turning the tables and letting ChatGPT take the wheel with its own generated and written content. Who knows what kind of wacky stories, bizarre jokes, and nonsensical tangents we'll get? It's all part of the fun here on Radish!

As for Fire Punch, we'll be discussing how a story about a man with fire powers who can't die somehow manages to get even weirder from there. And Nier Automata? Get ready for androids, existentialism, and a whole lot of confusion.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for some silly conversations about some seriously strange media. This is Radish, and we're ready to get absurd!

#236:Mammoth Wars & Presidential Rigamarole!

It's President's Day but the boars are coming!! Who has time to think about the time that Gerald Ford fell face first down the stairs of Air Force One while an army of superpigs advances towards our Northern Border??

We are thrilled to have Garrett Loudin (@garrettloudin) on this episode playing the part of Tyler to help us discuss Universal groin pains, super pigs, lego Rivendell, and the Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident.

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#235:Alien Invasion & The Family Guy Pipeline Incident!

Radish is a conspiracy theory podcast now! We're covering the 3 UFO's shot down over the most uninteresting parts of our country, and we're feeling pretty chill about our new overlords. Also, did you know that you or your family could be compensated for exposure to The Family Guy Pipeline Incident?

Topics Include: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, City Pop, TikTok Malfunctions

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#234:Salad Snake & The Future Of Horror!

In this house...the windows and doors and emperor tamarins are all disappearing! What's going on at the Dallas Zoo? Where can you find all this spring's best reality TV and rhythm based action games? What should two cats be named? Is Skinamarink really that scary?? What sort of nightmares can we expect to see on screen next? Should salad snake be one of them? What's your name? Where are you going?

Stay here and find out with us on this week's Radish!

#233:they'll play this one in hell

Thank you to everyone who submitted alternate titles for the episode! The runners up were:

  • 12 Easy Steps to Become A Sigma Male Mormon Influencer and Earn Thousands in Passive Income on Pinterest
  • So sad that Steve Jobs died of Candice
  • Episody McEpisodeFace
  • Two Hundred & Thirty Three!
  • Will's Incredibly Personality & Will's Remarkable Hog

and one that would 100% get me fired from my job!!

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